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We inform you about contacts ( tel and e-mail) of New Logic LLC during the quarantine period to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

The quarantine period is from March 16, 2020 to April 3, 2020.

Provide contact information

by company departments for operational communications


Incoming department in Ukraine

Sales Director, Elena Berezovskaya, phone +38 0674467876 e-mail:  

Head of the FIT department, Julia Kutovaya, phone +38 099 425 3258 e-mail:

Group incoming maneger , Marina Kondakova, phone +380677858665 e-mail:

Group incoming maneger, Galina Filatova, phone +380503815180 e-mail:

Head of the online reservation system, Sergey Varfolomev, phone +380677886599 e-mail:

Contracts for  hotels in Ukraine, Elena Berezovskaya, phone +38 0674467876 e-mail:

Specialist of on-line booking department, Julia Kutova, phone +380994253258 e-mail:

Business travel department

 Larisa Donets, phone +380634434141 e-mail:

Airline Department

Head of Department, Oksana Panchenko, phone +38 0504444658 e-mail:

Air agent, Elena Popova, phone +380505458250 e-mail:

Air agent, Dilya Konstantinova, phone +380933956437 e-mail:

Air agent, Natalia Gusak, phone +380505556697 e-mail:

Air agent, Igor Cherednichenko, phone +380637901333 e-mail:

Air agent Irina Kostygova, phone +380955928448 e-mail:

Department of Finance

Chief Accountant, Vera Nikolaevna Kobets, phone +380672163997 e-mail:

Accounting with hotels, Vita Radchuk, phone +380638714687 e-mail:

Accounting with hotels, Larisa Nadtochy, phone +380951488076 e-mail:

Accounting specialist, Alona Karibyan, phone +380965524698 e-mail:

Tax specialist, Inna Zhukova, phone +38 0678101712 e-mail:


Check out the general guidelines at:

We continue to work as usual and stay in touch with You.

No panic, be healthy and we are waiting  for You with new orders!

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