Lebanon, Montenegro, Taiwan, Uruguay, Tunisia and Thailand will now recognize Ukrainian COVID certificates.In total, this document is already recognized in 60 countries.

In the new train schedule, which will be launched on December 12, 2021, the record holder is the train №5 / 6 Mariupol - Rakhiv, which will unite 12 regions of Ukraine. This is the longest route of Ukrzaliznytsia: its total length is 1806 km. This is as much as between Ivano-Frankivsk and Athens, the capital of Greece;

Congratulations on the national holiday - Independence Day!

Representatives of the company "New Logic" as part of a delegation from the Association of Inbound Tour Operators of Ukraine, visited the All-Ukrainian Forum "Ukraine 30"

On July 28, 2021, the Government of Ukraine changed the border crossing rules to counter the Delta coronavirus strain. New changes to the "quarantine" regulation №1236 of December 9, 2020 should help detect and counteract the spread of coronavirus, in particular its "Delta" strain.

These decisions will take effect 7 days after the publication of the decision. Citizens who have gone abroad still return to Ukraine without hindrance.

Restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens into Ukraine will apply from 00:00 on August 28 to 00:00 on September 28.

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