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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions – as may be amended from time to time – apply to all our services directly or indirectly made available online, by email or by telephone. By accessing, browsing and using our website and/or by completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below (including the privacy statement).

1.1. The objective of this website is for Hotel to offer its product, which will be sold both to agencies related with tourism (from now on referred to as AGENCY) as well as for end customers (from now on referred to as CUSTOMER).

2.1. These are the general conditions that not only regulate the access, browsing and usage of the website under the domain “www.newlogic.ua”, but also the responsibilities derived from the usage of its content (i.e. texts, graphics, pictures, designs, codes, software, photos, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions or information, as well as any other creation protected by national laws and international treaties about intellectual and industrial property).

2.2. It will be understood that by accessing www.newlogic.ua, the user accepts these conditions without reserves. Should the user disagree with any of the conditions included in this notice, he is to stop using the www.newlogic.ua website.

3.1. New Logic is the holder or has the corresponding license over the exploitation rights of the intellectual and industrial property of “www.newlogic.ua”, and over the intellectual, industrial and image rights of the contents available throughout the website.
The www.newlogic.ua design, images, maps, graphics, makes, placards, distinctive signs or logos, as well as the website’s frames, banners, software and different codes, source and object are held by New Logic. The company owns the exploitation rights over the above listed elements legitimately and exclusively.

3.2. It shall not be understood under any circumstances that the access and browsing by the user imply the total or partial renunciation, transmission, license or transfer of these rights by New Logic.

3.3. In this sense, it is not allowed to suppress, elude or manipulate the notice about the "copyright" author rights or any other identifying data about the rights of New Logic, nor the technical protection devices, fingerprints or any information and/or identifying mechanism that may be included in the content.

3.4. Users accessing this website are not to copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell any of the above mentioned elements or to create new products or services derived from the information obtained, unless they have an express and written authorization from New Logic or, where appropriate, from the holder of the corresponding rights. Users will only be allowed to view and charge these elements for their personal use, not for commercial purposes, and they are not authorized to transfer them to third parties.

4.1. Accessible to everybody, “www.newlogic.ua” is free of charge.

4.2. To visit the www.newlogic.ua website, users do not need to register or provide any personal data. However, if a user did provide personal information, such data will be saved in an automated file that belongs to New Logic and will be treated confidentially and never provided to third parties external to New Logic.

5.1. The AGENCY will be empowered to obtain accommodation at the destination through the New Logic website. These services will be provided according to the general contract conditions shown and accepted on the website and the prices, rates and cancellation conditions shown during the reservation. The website will give information about the reservation process.

5.2. If to use and/or contract a service on “www.newlogic.ua”, a user needed to register, he will be responsible of providing truthful and lawful information. If, as a result of the registration, the user obtains a password to access these services, he commits himself to using it diligently and to keeping it secret. Consequently, users are responsible of the appropriate custody and confidentiality of any identifier and/or password provided by New Logic and commit themselves not to transfer its use to third parties, neither temporarily nor permanently, or allow access to external people. If an external non-authorized person accesses the services as a result of the lack of diligence or loss of the password by the user, the user will be held responsible.

5.3. The access, browsing or usage of “www.newlogic.ua” is responsibility of the user, who will therefore commit himself to diligently and accurately observe any additional instruction provided by New Logic related to the use of the website “www.newlogic.ua” and its contents.

5.4. The user commits himself therefore to a diligent, correct and lawful use of the content and, particularly not to:
- Use the contents for purposes or with effects that are illegal or immoral, do not belong to the good customs generally accepted or go against public order.
- Reproduce, copy, distribute, transform or modify the content or allow public access through any public means of communication, unless he has been authorized to do so by the holder of the corresponding rights, or it is allowed by law.
All the information provided on this web, such as comments, suggestions, ideas, etc., are considered to have been given free of charge. Do not send any information that can not be treated the same way.
Moreover, the user shall not use the website for purposes other than contracting the New Logic product or make an unauthorized, false or fraudulent reservation. New Logic reserves the right of denying access to the website and/or cancelling any reservation.

6.1. New Logic does not guarantee and is not responsible for:
- The continuity of the contents on “www.newlogic.ua”.
- The absence of viruses and/or other harmful components on “www.newlogic.ua” or on the supplying server.
- The invulnerability of www.newlogic.ua and of its security measures.
- The damages caused - to himself or a third party - by any person violating the conditions, rules and instructions established by N.T. However, New Logic declares to have adopted all necessary measures allowed by its possibilities and by the current technology state, to guarantee the correct operation of “www.newlogic.ua”, and avoid the presence and transmission of viruses and other components harmful to users.
Further, New Logic will not be responsible under any circumstances for any kind of damages derived, directly o indirectly, of not reading this note, or of not fulfilling the obligations specified in it.

6.2. Relations between the parties are governed by the Agreement in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Seller and the Buyer.

6.3. Relations in the field of consumer protection are regulated by normative acts of the Purchaser's country.

6.4. All disputes related to non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under this Agreement, the Parties will be resolved through negotiations.

6.5. In case of failure to reach an agreement during the negotiations, the disputes will be settled by the courts in accordance with the normative acts of the Seller.

7.1. It is not allowed to create a link to the portal from any other website without prior and express authorization by New Logic.
Given the case that the New Logic website might contain links to other websites not managed by New Logic, the company declares it has no control over such portals or is it responsible for their contents.
New Logic exonerates itself from any responsibility related to the services provided by such third parties in case of any type of complaint or lawsuit that could occur in relation to them.
Moreover, through “www.newlogic.ua”, New Logic will be able to empower other entities to advertise or provide their services. In such cases, New Logic will not be responsible of establishing the general and particular conditions to be taken into account when using, providing or contracting these services. New Logic can not therefore be considered responsible for such services.

8.1. New Logic can modify the terms and conditions stipulated in this document, totally or partially, by publishing any change in the same way these general conditions appear.

8.2. The temporary validity of these general conditions coincides therefore with the duration of their appearance, until they are totally or partially modified. When this happens, the new, modified general conditions will come into force.

8.3. New Logic can conclude, suspend or interrupt the access to the Web content at any time without notice. In this case, the user will have no compensation right and the content usage prohibitions exposed in these general conditions will continue to be valid.

9.1. Cancellation terms are individual for every hotel. Please read them before confirming the reservation and payment under “Cancellation terms” during reservation on the hotel page “Confirmation”. The accepted and confirmed New Logic reservation cannot be cancelled by the client on the phone. The cancellation must be forwarded in written form to the following e-mail address info@newlogic.ua

9.2. Timely cancellation.
In case reservation is cancelled before penalties are charged, according to “Cancellation terms” for the specific hotel, New Logic refunds the entire sum paid by the client for the reservation.

9.3. Late cancellation and no show.
If reservation is cancelled after penalties have already been charged, according to “Cancellation terms” for the specific hotel, and also in case of no show without prior warning, New Logic charges a penalty deduced from the sum paid for the reservation. The penalty is charged in the amount equal to the cost of staying for 24 hours at the reserved but not used by the client reservation. New Logic refunds the difference between the sum paid for the reservation and the penalty to the client.

10.1. Payment by cards.
Payments in Euro and USD make by AMADEUS TRAVEL.LTD. (reg.number: 8690529,address: Las Suete, 5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG. Great Britain)
Payments in UAH and RUR make by New Logic LTD.

10.2. Refund terms.
Refunds are made within 7 (seven) business days after receiving cancellation from the client. In case of no show and no cancellation received by New Logic, refunds may take up to 45 days since the check in date.

10.3. Refund policy
Refunds are made in the same currency and in the same way the payment was made. During refunding there may be minor differences in the sum refunded, as a result of changes in currency rates. New Logic is not responsible for changes in currency rates.

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