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After 20 min ride from Yalta you start you tour at Livadian Palace -the former summer residence of the Russian Tsars and place of the famous Yalta Conference in 1945.

During the Soviet period it was a sanatorium for the collective farmers. As a museum it was opened for the public in 1974. The museum complex consists of comprises the Great Palace, Exaltation of the Cross Church, the Palace of Frederix and the park. The Livadia Park is one of the oldest and best-laid landscape parks of Crimea. Most exquisite are the interiors revealing common artistic design of the decoration items which testifies to the high professional skills of the workers and talent of the architect. The palace was chosen for the Yalta conference - a historic summit of three anti-Hitler coalition member states: the USSR, the USA and Great Britain. The display "Romanovs in Livadia" tells about the Livadia palace as the residence of the last Russian emperor. Note:+ 9 USD / 8 Euro / 500 RUB museum fee per person. Prices are valid for next languages: Rus/Eng/Ger. Prices for other languages are upon request. Prices are valid for excursions starting in Yalta. The duration of excursion - 4 hours.

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