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Time Description of itinerary and objects of visit
08:00-10:30 Departure to Andrushevka
10:30-12:00 Arrival to Andrushevka, excursion. The family of Tereshchenko were famous industrialists and philanthropists. They built plants, schools, institutes, hospitals, museums, churches at their own expenses, gathered great collection of paintings which are invaluable for Ukraine.Palace of Tereshchenko in Andrushevka (the monument of architecture of the XIX century) is one of the estates of prominent industrialist Tereshchenko. Ukraine's only private observatory located in Andrushevka suburbs. It was launched in 2001 by the astronomer Yurii Ivashchenko in his native Andrushevka . There had been discovered 86 new asteroids.
13:00 Departure to Chervonoye.
13:30-15:30 Arrival to Chervonoye, excursion. One of the most spectacular surviving palaces of Tereshchenko family is located in the village Chervonoe. Impressive, though much dilapidated three-story neo-Gothic building with two towers is in sharp contrast with the surrounding agricultural landscape of Chervonoye village . The Palace with lancet windows and other Gothic elements built magnate Grokhol'skii (Chervonoe belonged to him during XVIII-XIX centuries). At the end of the XIX century N. Tereshchenko purchased this estate, reconstructed the palace and the nearby sugar factory, which is still functioning.
15:30 Departure to Gorodkovka.
16:00 Arrival to Gorodkovka, visit of st. Chiara church. Neo-Gothic church of Santa Chiara from afar can be taken as a medieval castle. The architecture of this uncharacteristic for Central Ukraine construction combines Romanesque and Gothic styles, underlined by the combination of rough stone with red brick.
17:00 Departure to Kiev.
19:30 Arrival to Kiev.


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