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Time Description of itinerary and objects of visit
08:00 Departure from Kiev to Legedzyno.
11:30 Arrival to legedzyno (“Trypilska culture” reserve), excursion. Giant settlement of Trypillya period,, based on which in 2003 established the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Trypilska culture." It was the largest known settlement at the time - there lived up to 15 thousand people.
13:30 Departure to Buky.
14:30 Arrival to Buky, excursion at Ukrainian “Grand Canyon”. Stunningly picturesque Buky Canyon formed by high rocky cliffs of Tikich river. The river had cut its watercourse in granite scurf, aged about 2 billion years. The canyon is narrow (somewhere 20-40 m) and deep (20 m, ) long and tortuous (about 1 km). The ruins of the XIX century watermil. and hydro power station dated 1929 have preserved at the canyon. You can also find the most interesting place where high jagged cliffs are picturesquely overhanging just above the water, and that creates entirely unusual landscape for central Ukraine, like a fjord.
16:30 Departure to Kiev.
19:30 Arrival to Kiev.


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