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Bakhchisaray means the "palace of gardens" (Tatar). It was a capital of the Crimean Khanate (XV-XVIII).

When the Crimea was absorbed by Russia, Bakhchisaray became a standard provincial town. Old part of the Bakhchisaray has retained a medieval atmosphere with its narrow and curved streets, as well as many other medieval attributes, including Khan's Palace. Bakhchisaray is small and you can get almost everywhere on foot. Cave Monastery supposed to be built at the end of the VIII - beginning of the IX centuries and considered to be one of the oldest in Crimea. It's foundation connected with appearance of icon-admirers - monks and seculars, who escaped the Byzantine icon fighters' prosecutions after the ecclesiastical Council in 754 A.D. Over the past years the main monastery church has been partly restored named after The Virgin Mary Assumption, and in 1993 the male monastery was opened here. Note: + 12 USD / 11 Euro / 671 RUB museum fee per person. Prices are valid for next languages: Rus/Eng/Ger. Prices for other languages are upon request. Prices are valid for excursions starting in Yalta. The duration of excursion - 9 hours.

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