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Grandiose memorial complex "The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" was built in 1981 on the hills overlooking the Dnieper Caves, which was significantly altered terrain. The colossal 62-meter statue of the Motherland (102 m with pedestal) is made of special stainless steel and assembled using a special crane. The lift takes you to the observation deck (37 m), and by special arrangement - the top panel (92 m), which is significantly sways in the wind. Interesting exhibition of military equipment and weapons.

The complex combines the Museum building and the Motherland statue (62 meters high), gallery of sculpture expositions, commemorating the heroes of the battlefields and rear front, the Glory Cup (16 m diameter), and the exhibition of the arms from the World War II time. The main display is located in the area of 5.000 m and counts more than 12.000 relics. Numerous exhibits of documents of military commanders, participants of the war, collection of orders, medals and letters, documentary evidences of the war witnesses, unique things of the occupation and the liberation attract visitors' attention. Note: +43 UAH / 2 USD / 2 Euro museum fee per person. The duration of excursion 3 hours. Prices are valid for next languages: Rus/Eng/Ger/Fra/Spa. Prices for other languages are upon request.

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