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Where would you celebrate the New Year, if not in Odessa? Here is everything: Christmas tree, Olivier salad, forshmak, famous Odessa character Aunt Sonia, dancing…Everyone will remain happy! And here is what we offer


Arrival in Odessa

Check-un the hotel 3-4*

Panoramic city tour. we will show you old Odessa: Arkadia, French boulevard, Shevchenko avenue, Pushkinskaya street, Naval Station. You will see the elegant seaside boulevard, the monument to Pushkin, magnificent Opera House, majestic Transfiguration Cathedral, Palace of Count Vorontsov, monument to "The Twelve Chairs," Passage, City Garden and the most famous Derebasovskya Street.


Exciting excursion “Crime Odessa”. Odessa is famous not only for its writers, but bandits (all of them, fir sure, were respected people). We will show your famous Moldavanka and Malaya Arnautskaya street, where, as we know, “all the smuggling is being produced”, we will say for famous bandit Mishka Jap, Sonya – Golden Hand and other legendary thieves and swindlers of Odessa



Breakfast at hotel

New Year Quest outside Odessa. This program is a surprise. We can not reveal the details, but you will have so much fun that you just will remember it long. There will be prepared special dinner, you will taste mulled wine in an old cellar by candlelight.

Return to Odessa

Preparing for gala-dinner

Gala-banquet with program, games, jokes, contests. We will show you how to celebrate New Year in Odessa style!


Breakfast at hotel

The "anti-nuclear bunker" program for the most persistent persons (optional). See dark and gloomy enough concrete dungeon, miles of wires and cables sticking out from all sides, awkward ironwork, rusty hooks on the walls, broken-down generators. At the entrance you just met a man in chemical protection who offers to follow him. What's going on? Why should you wade deeper into the ground with a flashlight and protective helmet? What a strange fittings around? You are now in the anti-nuclear bunker of Cold War period. Dungeons of Odessa are fraught with many unknowns, including such until then closed objects. The system of bunker connects with “wild” catacombs where there had lived smugglers, hid partisans, and from there one can get into Europe's largest karst cave. Now bunker looks like corridors flooded with water, and the total post-apocalyptic picture in combination with this underworld catacombs ... Interested? Then let's go!


Free time

Evening program “Celebration of New Year in Odessa style”

Detective and adventure, informative and entertaining adventure game "Missing Santa Claus" During the quest participants will receive a complete "dossier" of Santa Claus, will learn a lot about celebrating New Year in different countries, will take part in team building games, and, of course, set free a popular character! And still have to run! Location of Quest includes the entire historic centre - from Pryvoz to Primorsky Boulevard.



Breakfast at hotel

Optional quests: “Elimination”, “12 Chairs”, “Quest on Pryvoz market”



Included: accommodation with breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners, entrances, guide and bus services).

Not included optional programs

Prices may change

Program is valid for holiday period 15.12.14-20.01.15

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