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"The city of Lions" is the heart and soul of the Western Ukraine with a population of over 1 million.

Prince Danylo built this city in 1256 and named it after his son Lev ("lion"). One can notice the prevalent lion adornments throughout the Renaissance architecture of city of 15th - 16th c.c. While touring the Old Town the tourist can see the St.Nicholas Church, the Dominican Church and the Church of Onufriy - at present the Museum of Ivan Fedorov. This city boasts of Italian Renaissance, German Baroque and Polish influences in its architectural sites. One will be delighted by the visit to the newly renovated Opera House and the Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Maria Zankovetskaya. St.George Cathedral is a fine example of the Rococo style. During its 600 years history it was many times that the power in the city changed, also its names changed: Leopolis, Lemberg, Lwow and Lviv. Note: prices are valid for next languages: Rus/Eng. Prices for other languages are upon request. Entrance fee to the museums 49 UAH / 3 USD / 2 EUR per person. The duration of excursion 3 hours.

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